Francine is the leader of the Pranksters.                                                      
IMG 0836

Francine Carruthers.


Francine is a selfish, mean, annoying, taking advantage Prankster who takes the credit for everything and will do anything to get anyone to do what she says or be on TV. Francine  will only stop if anyone says they'll tell her mom on her. Francine always thinks she is in charge, even through she isn't.



Francine with the other Pranksters

Lisa HeffenbacherEdit

Lisa is Francine's arch-rival. Francine has sabotaged Lisa's appearance on the game show, "Friends or Aunts", to just name one nasty thing Francine has done to Lisa.

Jessica RuizEdit

Francine especially dislikes Jessica, Jessica being a member of the Electric Company. .

Danny RebusEdit

Danny and Francine dislike each other.

Hector RuizEdit

Hector dislikes Francine.

Manny SpamboniEdit

Francine is actually close to Manny.

Annie ScramblerEdit

Annie will sometimes team up with Francine.

Keith WatsonEdit

Francine does not like Keith, as he is a member of the Electric Company.

Marcus BarnesEdit

Francine nevers seems to get Marcus's name as she always calls him "Marty Farms".


Francine's only power is using the wordball.


Francine's favorite letter in the alphabet is C.

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