Lisa Heffenbacher

Lisa Heffenbacher is a character in the Electric Company who is absent in Season 3 because she has gone to university and was replaced by Marcus Barnes.


Lisa can easily get frustrated if things go wrong, and calls the electric company for help "Hey you guys". However, she is usually cheerful.


Francine CarruthersEdit

Francine is one of Lisa's arch-rivals.

Hector RuizEdit

Hector is one of Lisa's best friends.

Keith WatsonEdit

Keith is one of Lisa's friends.

Annie ScramblerEdit

Lisa has a mixed relationship with Annie.


Lisa has an unnamed mother, and is also a desendent of Cordelia Heffenbacher.


She can unscramble any anagrams that she finds scrambled, and can throw wordballs.


Lisa likes dogs.

Lisa's favorite movie is Brunch at Stephanie's.

Lisa's favorite sandwich is Turkey and Swiss on seven grain bread with a pickle on the side.


Lisa dislikes mayonnaise.

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