This is the season premiere of season 3. Which premiered on January 28, 2011.


The episodes opens with Lisa telling everyone what's been going on lately in a hovering TV and says she is going places with a science program and she won't been around that much, but Hector keeps her posted on everything, Hector is now the owner of the Electric Diner, Francine has a assistant named Gilda Flip who looks up to Francine, and a neighborhood kid, Marcus Barnes finds out he has the wordball power, as he goes to tell Jessica but his wordballs won't go straight . Jessica yells "hey, you guyyys" as they've go inside in the diner. As he shows Hector and Keith, Gilda records what is happening as the three discuss that if Marcus hits a target three times in a row, then he is in the Company. The Electric Company go to the park to help Marcus as they tell him to practice until he gets it three times. Francine has Manny invent a vacuum that can suck wordballs as they suck Marcus's attempt to throw his third wordball to the target. As the Electric Company goes with Marcus to the park, Marcus notices the gadget and he throws a amount of wordballs to the vacuum making it overheat and throw wordballs at Manny, Francine, and Gilda. Then Marcus hits the target three times and takes the pledge to be in the Electric Company and he gets a special math power.


This is the first episode to feature the two new animated segments, Pets Home Alone and In the Haunted House.

Jenni Barber is no longer in the cast, even though she appears in some segments.

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