One Smart Cookie is the 3rd episode in Season 2 of The Electric Company. It first aired on January 29, 2010.


PJ and his cousin Keith are walking downtown, talking about the Casey Calloway mystery books. They are actually going to enter a dectective competiton. Francine is the only other competitor. After they entered, Keith had a feeling that Francine was cheating. So he called out "HEY YOU GUYS".

At the diner, all the members but Hector of the Electric Company were talking to PJ about his competiton. They later decided to go find the clues together. But, Francine Carruthers really was cheating. She was making up her own clues to cover the real ones. The first phony clue was "where did Casey Calloway get fined. That would be the library. They all went to the library. The next phony clue was "where did Casey Calloway eat a cheese burrito. That was the diner. But when they got there, the puzzle said that they lost. PJ later found out that Francine was cheating. But, they had the word Cookie, as a title of the episode and one of the books. They later won the competiton.