Pie for Puppies is the 5th episode of Season 3 of The Electric Company.


Jessica is baking pies for a charity for a dog shelter entitled "Pies for Puppies" ( where Hector and Jessica adopted their dog, Benny), but when bringing out a pie from the oven, she sees all of her pies are gone as she yells "hey, you guys" as Sandy Rebus, Danny Rebus's dog brings a rebus puzzle to the diner as it seems he stole her pies as it says he will be the Puppy Hero as Jessica goes to his stand where Danny is selling his pies as Jess confronts him by saying she will be the Puppy Hero as she must sell 50 pies as They are both selling until they hold a pie tasting test to see who has the best pie, As Annie Is the taster, but Marcus says it's not unfair and she needs to wear a blindfold, so she doesn't cheat as she tastes both and she chooses Jessica as she claims it's really good as Annie then makes up something fake when you eat Jess' pie and calls it "Hairstckinguptits" but is really gel that us stick get hair and Danny's dog, Sandy's hair. As Jessica then says she has the fake disease as she tells the new reporter that it's really hair gel as he smells Jessica, Annie, and Sandy's hair and smells the gel and tells people who are buying pies to buy Jessica's as she reaches her goal of 50 pies as is certificated the Puppy Hero.