Shrink, Shrank, Shrunk is the 10th episode in season 3 of the Electric Company.


While playing football at the playground, Jessica and Marcus are accidentally shrunken by Manny by using the Skelecian Shrinknator 3002 which he asked to borrow from Dax as he then leaves as Jess and Marcus yell "hey, you guys". Dax comes to the diner with a shrunken car as he becomes worried about what he might shrink next as Keith tells him they will find Manny as Keith yells "hey, you guys" which means Jess and Marcus are too small to be heard as instead Jessica texts Keith as when him and Dax reach the playground, Marcus throws a wordball message in the slide as he then sees them next to slide as Dax measures them both as they are both one inch. As Keith scoops them up and then switches to Manny singing a song about the Shrinkator being a power as then Dax and Keith catch him as Manny accidentally shrinks himself as Dax then asks Keith, if he has Marcus and Jessica as they are at a water fountain as Keith goes to find them, while Dax looks for Manny as Manny finds Danny and Danny puts Manny in his gymbag and they go to the diner. Hector then sees Danny talking to Manny as Danny then throws his gymbag over the counter which starts a search for Manny as Dax and Keith go back to the diner as everyone looks every inch of the diner and even under any cup or plate. As the only place, they've checked is the muffin tray as they find Manny as Marcus then uses his math power to use the reset code for the watch as the code is "9999999991" as everything and Jessica and Marcus. The episode ends with Dax measuring Jessica, Marcus, Keith, and Hector as Hector is the tallest.


  • Ashley Austin Morris as Francine Carruthers
  • Sandie Rosa as Annie Scrambler
  • Carly Rose Soneclar as Gilda Flip

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