Season 3 is the third season of the Electric Company. There are two additional cast members, Coy Stewart and Carly Rose Soneclar.


A lot has changed with the Electric Company. Lisa is going places with a science program. Hector is now running the Electric Diner since Mr. Watson opened up a new restaurant. A neighborhood kid, Marcus Barnes is now in the Electric Company. And Francine has a assistant named Gilda Flip and the Electric Company still protects the neighborhood and help their friends from the Pranksters. Also, two different animated characters appear to introduce the animated segment and review what has been going on so far in the episode.

Animated segmentsEdit

  • Pets Home Alone
  • In the Haunted House
  • Danny Rebus Presents: Super Spy and that Other Guy

Guest StarsEdit

  • Doug E. Fresh
  • Swiss Beatz
  • Jenny Slate
  • Good Charlotte
  • Sherrod Small
  • Alan Cumming


  • Some of the segments are not in this season
  • Jenni Barber is not in the cast, but is in the segments and guest stars in the first episode of season 3.

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