'The Electric Diner' is the Electric Company's headquarters and is owned by Mr. Leo Watson, Keith's dad. The diner is now owned by Hector Ruiz. Hector is now the owner because Leo has opened a new restaurant and it would keep it from going out of business.


The diner sells Sandwiches, salads, French fries, waffles or pancakes, pastries like muffins and donuts, fruits, and omelets or anything else you would get from a regular diner. The drinks they have are soda, water, ice tea, milk, coffee, smoothies, and hot chocolate.

What does the Electric Diner look like in the inside and outside?Edit

The diner inside has regular seats in a diner, there is a counter with a menu chalkboard behind it, there some different plants around the diner, decks of skateboards can be seen on the wall, there is a computer in back. On the outside there is a menu post of specials and a table outside with three chairs and bench next to the table.


  • Shock-Employee
  • Hector-Owner/Employee (2011-present)
  • Mr. Watson-Owner (2009-2011)