The Incredible Return-A-Ball is the 8th episode of Season 3 of The Electric Company. It first aired on March 7, 2011.


The episode opens with Francine and Gilda doing a commericial for the Incredible Return-A-Ball, which is a ball that Francine says that will return to you. Marcus is watching the commericial on his computer until he goes to the stand where Francine and Gilda are selling it . Marcus buys one and finds out it doesn't work and he yells "hey, you guyyys." The Electric Company goes over how Francine made it look like how the ball returned to her hand. Keith notices a reflection in Francine's pin as it is a reflection of Gilda. The Electric Company then goes to confront Francine by telling her to give Marcus his $5 back as she does. Francine then makes the ball, new and improved and then Marcus buys it again and it really seems that it returned to Francine's hand this time. Jessica is getting complaints from kids from all over the neighborhood who bought it. The Electric Company then reviews the video and notices Francine's earring hanging down as the guys do a commericial to show how Francine made the commercial look real. As every kid and The Company goes after them to get their money back, Francine surrenders and gives everyone and Marcus their money back.

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